Last night, I went to the Read Leaf, where Stephanie Smith was hosting an “open mic”. It was a lot of fun, and everyone who played and sang was terrific. I’m hoping that they do it again. I sang “Generations”, “Levee Breaks”, and a rusty rendition of “Rockabye Lulaby”. I’ve done better on that one. But the first two went really well. I did Rockabye, because on my way up, I had a block on what I was going to play…so it was a last minute decision…gotta plan those things better.

I enjoyed listening to Stephanie, who sang a few of the songs off of her album. She has great voice control and seems to have quite a knack for songwriting at such a young age. Also among us was “Janae Kotter” who sang a song about the people who rescued others in the Sep. 11th tragedy. It was very cool to listen to people like Janae and Stephanie, because it inspired me and helped me to re-think the way that I write. It’s always good to go to things like that, because it’s a circumstance of talent in which you can really glean some great ideas. I think that a smart songwriter/singer/whatever pays attention to those around him/her and no matter that style or genre, takes away something that will improve themself.

Afterwards, we all talked and traded CD’s. It was a lot of fun. There was a guy there…I can’t remember his last name, but his first was Quinn. He was very good at the guitar (his rhythm was impeccable), so I asked him a little about his technique and he was happy to share some insights that he had…you learn something everywhere you go if you’re paying attention.

So my next gig is on the 10th of May. I’m a lot less nervous after having gone to that open mic. It was really the first time that I’d done anything in about two years…just the kind of confidence boost that I needed. So it was good preparation for Durango’s.

So today, I’m just playing my guitar and practicing (things like “Rockabye” and trying to keep the cat off of the couters and away from the food. I’m planning on writing a little today, maybe even something that I can play on the 10th. Gotta go for now. Hope that things are great in your lives!

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