“Receiving Boot String” issue on my Amino set top boxes…(Day Six, cont…)

Got a call back from Broadweave (Nate). Apparently, the “bandaid” was to put me on Mstar’s servers. So I’ve been moved from Veracity’s servers, where I was having problems, and moved over to Mstar’s servers, where I am (still) having (different) problems. Fortunately, we can watch the Olympics. But we watch them 80’s style, because we can’t record or pause on our set-top boxes. Apparently Luke was off today, so my emails to Luke ended up in limbo, waiting to be read, all day.

So today was sort of a wasted day. No one followed up with me, and once again, I ended up initiating contact with Broadweave. Nate suggested that at this point, he thinks the problem could be with my set-top boxes, themselves. So who knows. Moving me to Mstar’s server definitely did something. Nate said that the techs will lab this problem, tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don’t think that this problem will be reproduced to the specs of my home’s environment, because to do so, Broadweave would have to discover they have a problem, call my cellphone, where they’d immediately be dropped into a voicemail message, where I’d inform them that I’m currently busy with other problems and will call them back, promptly.

So after all of the pushing and pulling between different companies, here are the functions of each, as I understand it:

1. Mstar let’s Veracity use their server when theirs doesn’t work (see above).

2. Veracity provides the servers that provide our television service and deny that they have anything to do with my service. They insist that I call Nuvont.

3. Nuvont gives me new remotes when they stop working (seriously: they replaced three, yesterday), but have been having technical difficulties, themselves, but say I have to talk to iProvo to get help.

4. iProvo provides a service, in that, they have customer service agents that can aptly refer me to Broadweave.

5. Broadweave has a few good employees, but overall, have been slow to own the problem (they did, eventually) and claimed that the problem would have to be fixed by Veracity, who will not handle residential calls.

Disclaimer: To be fair, Luke and Nate, at Broadweave, have actually done things to help me. But they are in the cogs of a machine that is slow to turn, and I ran out of patience days ago. I am now at the mercy of time and Broadweave (I think it’s Broadweave).

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