“Receiving Boot String” issue on my Amino set top boxes…(Day Six, or update 9)

So, for those of you joining late, the title of this blog is no longer the issue. The “Receiving Boot String” issue is, for now, solved. However, I’m still not able to recover from pausing live television (I can pause, but when I hit “play”, the set-top box goes into a 1-2 second loop and won’t continue until I turn off the box and turn it back on). So, currently, we can’t use the pause feature, nor can we record shows or see any of the old shows that used to be on the box, prior to this issue. From what I understand, all of those shows have been lost. We’ll see.

I sent a Broadweave technician an email, earlier today, because I’d sort of given up calling Broadweave, but haven’t received any kind of response, yet. So I called, lacking any faith whatsoever that anyone would pick up. I was surprised and somewhat happy that an agent that I’d spoken to a few days before, picked up. I explained the problem that I had and he promised that he’d talk to a couple of techs and call me back.

So that’s where we stand, now. I hung up with the last tech about 10 minutes ago…

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