“Receiving Boot String” issue on my Amino set top boxes…(Update 4, or, "Day Three")

Drove 45 minutes to my sister-in-law’s home, last night, so that we could finally watch some olympics live (didn’t feel like messing with NBC’s online stuff and certainly didn’t want to take the time to set up a foreign proxy to watch.) So we watched until about 12:30 AM, fell asleep. Woke up this morning, drove us and our twin girls home, turned on the TV, rebooted the Amino box: NO LOVE.

So I called Broadweave and left a message, because all of the their techs, apparently, are working so hard on my issue that they don’t have time to pick up the phone. Love that dedication.

“Thank you for being a part of tomorrow’s technology, today, with Broadweave” is how they end the call, after telling you that in order to reduce call times you should leave your contact information and hang up. It’s an amusing thought: “Hey, our stats suck and you’d really be doing us a favor if you’d hang up so that more important customers can get through.” I can reduce my call time by hanging up. Huh. They did promise to call me back “promptly”, so the clock is starting…at 9:20 AM, Saturday morning. *sigh*

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