“Receiving Boot String” issue on my Amino set top boxes…(Update 5)

Called BW and left another message that I’m still waiting for someone to call me back. How about some bets? Who would like to guess when I’ll finally get a call back from Broadweave? I’ll give you a hint: I guarantee that it will be at least Monday, before I get a call back. So for those of you keeping score at home, if you’re getting in on this bet, I’d recommend low bets for the weekend and higher bets once we hit Monday.

As a sysadmin, there is not a lot of patience if I drop the ball or don’t call someone back when they make an attempt to contact me. I have, over the last 24 hours, made at least 10 attempts to contact Broadweave. This does not bode well for those who are currently under the iProvo/Nuvont/Veracty/Broadweave regime. Is this this how we can expect to be treated under the old/new company/companies? Who is providing our network? Some of you might thing that the answer is easy, but as I’ve found, these guys all claim to be NOT responsible for the issue that I’m dealing with (although, recently BW did take the responsibility for my issue). But the point is, that took two days of my troubleshooting and calling before anyone would own up to it.

The next question is this: What can Broadweave do to make this right with me? There’s no way to tell. I can’t get them on the phone to find out what they’ll do to compensate me for my time/money/frustration. I know that this is a very typical situation among ISP/Telephone/Television providers. But that does not make it acceptable. When I pay my monthly bill to have those three services, I expect those services to work. If those services don’t work, I expect to be able to contact someone that can help me. If that person can’t help me, I expect that someone will keep me notified and apprised of their progress until they can help me. If they aren’t willing to even call me back, I expect them to give me a ticket # so that I can follow up on case notes. AND OH MY GOODNESS, IF THEY CAN’T EVEN DO THAT, then for the love, they can keep their website up to date with current issues and an ETA of fixage. Nuvont, Veracity, and iProvo have not even come close to hitting that mark. Broadweave has two techs on staff that have offered sympathy and promised that “well get this fixed”, but to date, I AM STILL DOWN.

WARNING WARNING WARNING to those of you who are considering a move to any of these companies (expect in the case of iProvo- you’re sort of stuck with them in a lot of ways). Call their tech support and test them. See what they are willing to do to help you in a bind. See if they pick up the phone. See if their phones are even working (see earlier posts).

If anyone knows of anyone that works at any of these companies, please send my regards (a link to this blog).

The wait continues…

PS: I’m still waiting for Broadweave to deliver on their promise to get back to me, “promptly”. I’ll need to make sure I understand the common definition of the word “prompt”.

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  1. Luke says:

    As per our conversation shoot me an e-mail first thing in the morning if you reboot your box and you are still experiencing the problems. I’ll go from there and see what I can do.
    Thanks and have a good weekend.

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