“Receiving Boot String” issue on my Amino set top boxes…(Update 8) We're up and running! (mostly)

About 30 minutes after my last post, Luke emailed to tell me to reboot my Amino box. He or someone at BW had moved it to their “Customers TV” server. The long term fix, according to Luke is to reload the boxes from scratch. So in the interim, to get us through the weekend they moved the two Aminos in question to another server. Sure enough, when I rebooted both boxes, they booted up, just fine.

I noticed that all of our recordings were not listed, anymore, but that when I chose to record tonight’s Olympics schedule, I got an error that “Record Failed – Not Enough Space”. I emailed Luke about this problem and he responded with the above, stating that a reload of both boxes would fix that. I wonder if we’ll still have the recordings that we’d saved, earlier, when we reload.

So after 4 days, Broadweave got us going, albeit in a minimally functioning state. Luke has been very helpful at Broadweave, but I would say that the most frustrating thing about this whole experience has been the fact that when it comes down to me trying to contact Broadweave, it has been near to impossible, especially during the weekend.

If we can get everything working properly tomorrow, I’ll sum this thing up and move on to blogging about more interesting and positive (maybe) things.

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  1. Jesse Harris says:

    It was also reported that the on-screen guide was down frequently (and for long periods) last week and this weekend. Broadweave has a tough road ahead as they learn the ins and outs of the NOC they took over without any further aid from the iProvo NOC engineers.

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