“Receiving Boot String” issue on my Amino set top boxes…(Update 7)

OK, so after church, I drove back to Provo and powered down the Aminos and let them sit for a minute or two. I then powered them on, only to see the same results: See below.

First screen (normal)

Second screen (also normal)

Third screen (should not sit endlessly on “Receiving Boot String.”)

So at this point, we see that nothing has changed (so far as I can tell). This will, of course, mandate another 40 minute trip up to Alpine to watch the Olympics. We are starting to wear out our welcome at my sister in laws, but what other choice do we have? Wait another 4 years for the London Olympics?

We are, currently, at 4 days with no television, 18 hours from last contact with Broadweave, and 4 hours away from the Sunday night Olympics, which will not be playing at my house. Cannot reach anyone at Broadweave, the voicemail at BW still wants me to believe that all agents are too busy too pick up the phone, and that I should hang up to reduce call times.

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