Broadweave Problems: Update #15

I’ve decided to rename the title of this rant, since I really have no idea whether the Amino 500 is the issue, or not (I understand it’s not).

Seriously, folks, this is getting to be ridiculous (or was, weeks ago).  Luke has been my ally at Broadweave, but either way you look at it, to not have a resolution by now, is…unacceptable.  We now are able to watch TV on one set top box (we have two).  But on the STB that “works”, we still can’t pause television or record.  The STB works, solely as an authentication medium between us and Broadweave.  The other STB won’t accept a password.

The interesting thing about this, is that the word “Broadweave”, on Google Blogs, lists this blog on the front page.  That can’t be a good thing for Broadweave (no one likes bad press) or me (no ones likes having an issue that prompts them to write SO MUCH).

I don’t understand why they can’t just set me up as a new customer, start over and get me up and running.

Some of you are wondering why in the world I’d even stick this out.  For me, my number one priority is having a fast internet connection.  I host my own servers, which means the more bandwidth, the better.  When we signed up, we signed up for a package deal, wherein we get phone, internet and television for a low price, per month.  When you host servers, to change your ISP is a pain, to say the least (or has been, in my experience).

So rather than change everything around, I wait.  I feel bad that Luke has handled this situation by himself.  He’s come by my house (I’m surprised that I didn’t record that in this blog), after hours, and generally works his butt off.  As far as I can tell, Luke is running that place.  No one (besides Luke) has called to offer help, apologize, or just make things right.  I’ve been promised “compensation”, but what does that mean, exactly?  It’s almost been a month (4 days left).  A month.  Man…  I’ll call, tomorrow, I guess.

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3 Responses to Broadweave Problems: Update #15

  1. Jesse Harris says:

    It’s still an option to switch to Nuvont from what I understand. Several other customers have decided to go down that route. A few others decided to switch the video to DirecTV or Dish. Everything I hear about Luke (and that’s from a lot of sources) is highly complementary, but even he, for all his talent, can’t overcome a company that’s in over its head.

  2. Sparky says:

    Just ask for a ADB STB box an your problems will most likely be solved. Personally I find you and your blog pathetic. Anyone who reads it can tell coming from the biggest whiner in Utah County. Believe me we are all bored to death of your badgering on Broadweave and its employees. I personally know and respect many of them there and believe me they are nothing like you explain. Get a life and get on with it. I wonder if we could go to your work place and dig up every little grain of crap you do. But most likely your to miserable and pathetic to have and keep a job. Oh by the way I hope you find this number helpful 1-800-333-DISH

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