Living dangerously: How I cheated the marathon training system

Actually, you can’t cheat the Marathon Training System.  In my last post, I mentioned that I jumped nearly 5 miles in my long run, last week.  This week, I applied the same strategy of stupidity and risk and added another 3 miles to my long run.  So I am now up to 20 miles for a long run.  Now it’s time to taper (back to what, I don’t know) and prepare to jump that mileage by another 6 miles.  So for those of you keeping score at home, I will have jumped my mileage by 14 miles in less than a month.  I don’t claim to be a genius.

Me, at 19.3 miles

Me, at 19.3 miles

I atttribute my non-injury (so far) and non-pain (so far) to prayer, luck, ibuprofin, my new stride.  I don’t intend to train like this, again.  It’s not good for you and really doesn’t increase your physical strength (I don’t think).

Last night, dad mentioned running the Country Music Marathon.  If things go well during St. George (like I can get up to 20 miles with no injury, or even finish, then I might do it.  But if I’m injured at 13 or earlier, then I probably need to take another look at my running (or maybe even just do the Country Music Marathon 1/2.

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