Fastest 5 miles in two years

Yesterday, amidst back pain and laziness, I ran 5 miles.  The first two miles hurt quite a bit, but I seemed to relax and fall into a rhythm.  It turned out to be my fastest 5 miles in two years, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  So I need to try that same path when I’m feeling good and see if I can beat that time.

PS:  This post was really just an excuse to test my Wordbook app, which is supposed to post this entry to my Facebook.  We’ll see…

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2 Responses to Fastest 5 miles in two years

  1. cam says:

    Nice! what was your time? by the way this is cam hargis

  2. My time was 43:18. I used to run much faster, back in the day. I want to get it back down to 40 flat. We’ll see…

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