People I'd like to fight

Tonight, I had run 4 and a half miles before the inevitable happened: A car drove close and honked at me. These people do it, all of the time. It was icy, dark, and cold. The conditions are dangerous enough for a runner, biker, or walker, without having to worry about those idiots who would try to veer and honk at you to scare you.

So this is an open entry to those who would, from the comfort of their cars, endanger someone who is exercising on the road. Get out of your car and see how it goes when you’re not protected inside of your speeding, reckless vehicle. Bring it on. I’m sick of you people. If you want to be funny, do it outside of your car. If you want to be brave for your friends, do it outside of your car. If you’ve got a problem with me, get out of your car and let me know. I’ve got some things to say, myself.

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  1. K says:

    I’ve never had anyone swerve towards or throw things at me, but I have had some nasty comments. Let’s face it, I’m not the slimmest of runners….. When training for my first ‘thon – and still just a beginner runner – I had someone shout “Beached Whale!” I almost gave up on running – which would have been a perfect precursor for a stint on Biggest Loser. Well, I’m still not svelt by any means, but I’ve finished 5 ‘thons and cut 3 minutes off my average pace. Sometimes I run past his trashy duplex just to get the sense of satisfaction of knowing that he still looks awful and his training program consists of walking from the couch to the fridge for another beer. Sometimes, if he’s outside, I’m tempted to give him the finger, but then I remember that the whole “whale” incident affected me more than him, and he probably doesn’t even remember it. Therefore, it would just be a random act of rudeness, and that would be stooping to his level. (And, someday, I’ll give this speech to the boys when I’m trying to teach them to be the better person….)

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