Running update:

So we’re dealing with a few issues, here.  Yesterday I went for a 5 mile run.  As soon as I started (within one minute), my left shin was aching.  I thought I was going to turn around and go home, but I’d spent so much time preparing for my run (winter running requires some prep work for me), that I kept going, anyway.

By the time I hit the halfway mark, I wondered if it was going to get bad enough that I’d have to call Wendy to have her pick me up.  But when I imagined her having to pack the girls in the car just to come pick me up two miles away, I decided to gut it out.

I made it home, and even sprinted the last half mile.  However, in the sprint, my right IT Band started to flare up.  So we may be dealing with that, again.  So I’m glad that I got the miles in, but am concerned that I’m breaking down, a little.

I should also mention that our local news advices us to stay inside because of the nasty polution problems we’re having.  That might explain my functional suffocation and taking my inhaler 4-5 times on the run.

All in all, I’ve had better runs.

Just remembered my last affliction:  I’m using some Powerstep insoles that were sold to me at the 26.2 running company in Highland.  My right insole sits a little closer back to the heel than my left foot, and as a result, kills my arches.  I almost took it out on the way back home.  So I’ve got some things to work on before my next run.

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