Facebook's "25 Things"

facebook-logoFacebook’s “25 Things” just hit the media.  Apparently, the author of this article feels that it’s  stupid and a waste of time.  I can’t say that I think that the 25 Things phenom is a waste of time, but I would assert that Facebook, itself, is a waste of time.  My family, friends, pets, and most of the tools in my garage are on Facebook, so there is a great deal of pressure to say that Facebook is great.  And it is…to a point.

Facebook is helpful because you can find and keep track of friends.  Facebook is handy because you stay “in the know” about what’s going on in your friends’ and families’ lives.  However, I believe that some of us are guilty of spending more time “Facebooking” than actually spending time in front of our family’s and friend’s faces.

And that’s really it.  It’s just annoying that Facebook has managed to wrap my friends and family around it’s fingerbook and keep their attention for hours and hours at a time.

And yet I can’t stop, either.  I tell my friends to get on Facebook.  I tell my family to get on Facebook.  I play Mob Wars on Facebook.  So I don’t know where to go from here.  Maybe I should just quit Facebook.  Maybe I should just submit to the Facebook cravings I have and start another Facebook “character” to talk to the real me.  I’ll have to think about it.

But first, I’m gonna run down to my garage and find out why my lawnmower won’t add me.

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2 Responses to Facebook's "25 Things"

  1. siri says:

    YOU are a fantastic writer / journalist ! i love it !! i take time off from facebook often. think it is healthy, just to prove to myself i am not addicted.

  2. siri says:

    and btw, i happen to love the 25 things… really, did you know them all? if you did, encourage your facebook friends to be very creative. it is way fun… at least that part of facebooking

    ew, what a funny word . i love it !

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