Garmin releases the Mac Ant Agent

This agent took a long time for Garmin to release.

This agent took a long time for Garmin to release.

In mid-April, 2008, the Garmin 405 was unveiled to the world.  I bought mine, soon thereafter, only to find that it was not supported for Macs.

The Garmin website promised functionality for Macs “soon”, but it wasn’t until 5 days ago that it was finally released.

In the meantime, we Mac users have had to launch Windows every time we want to upload our workouts.  After nearly a year of launching VMWare, uploading my runs, then shutting down VMWare, I’m very happy for this change.

However, I will certainly think twice before buying another Garmin, if their Windows-centric development doesn’t include plans to release a Mac agent in a timely manner.

However, in the meantime, I’m happy to be able to upload runs through my new Mac Ant Agent.

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