Getting better…

Today, I woke up, feeling pretty congested (I still am), but definitely better.  My asthma was pretty strong last night, but I only had to take my Pro-air inhaler two times in the middle of it (compared to 5-6, a few nights ago).  So I think that I’m getting better.  This is the first time that I’ve actually tried to keep a journal of how my astham/cold/sickness bout has gone.  I’m hoping that if I can do this for a few more years, I’ll have a better understanding of why it happens (is it seasonal?  weather-related?  etc?)

But in the meantime, this also marks the first year, that I’ve exercised through my asthma and colds.  Pretty cool.  I didn’t die.  Apparently, I can keep exercising and won’t end up in the hospital.  This is somewhat revealing.  It would have been a better test if I didn’t have shin problems.  I would have run a lot more through the illness.

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