Post Bidwell Classic ankle problems

I need to record my newest, yet not dibilitating injury for this blog.  About two hours after the Bidwell Classic, on Saturday, my right ankle started to hurt.  It got to the point that it hurt to walk at all.  I tried stretching it out, icing, and massage.  Eventually, I resorted to icing, stretching and ibuprofining, every day, which seems to be working.

Yesterday, I ran with Lynn in Libery Park, amidst ankle and asthma issues.  I led the first lap, keeping about a 9:30 minute pace.  We completed our first lap, got a drink from the fountain, while Lynn complained about the first lap being too fast.  He led the second lap and PICKED UP THE PACE by another 10 seconds per mile!  So he must not have been feeling that bad.  We did a 3rd lap at about 10 minutes pace and then cooled down, walking/jogging a half mile.  So that’s a 5 mile run.

Initially, the run consisted of me trying to ignore the pain in my right ankle.  I soon forgot my ankle and concentrated on the more important task of breathing, which I was really struggling with.  I know that if I go out too fast, sometimes I really struggle with my asthma for a while.  But still, it seems like I was having such a hard time.  At one point, I really wanted to stop.  But I tried a little Nelson Mind Over Matter and make myself push through it.  Lynn could hear me wheezing through his music in his headphones.  So I’ve got some asthma issues to work through.

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