Broadweave internet down, again…

This morning, I woke up and checked my email. I noticed that I had an SMS from, letting me know that was down, as of 12:54 AM, this morning…So I tried to browse to from my phone and sure enough- it was down. I tried to browse the internet on my Mac and had no luck. So I used PDANet to get online with my Mac and sent Broadweave a note that I was having issues.Picture 5.png

On my way to work, I called Broadweave to let them know what was going on. A friendly agent named Ricky created a ticket, but there seems to be some disconnect between my home phone number and my Broadweave account (seems like this was an issue, before…)

So I’m hoping they can get me back up, soon…

If I’m not up by tonight, I’ll have to look at the Word Wide Packets box, downstairs (didn’t have time, this morning.)

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