A history of a domain I once owned:

Back in July 10, 2001, this is what the front page of my site looked like:

Picture 2.png

I was in the process of trying to do something with my CD, which I’d just created.

In September 28, 2002, my site evolved to this:

Picture 3.png

I was using the site for posting gigs and times of shows that I would allegedly play.

A short time later, I came up with a logo that I liked and stuck it in the upper-left hand corner:

Picture 4.png

On April 21st, 2003, my site looked like this:

Picture 5.png

I was launching my version of a column, which I called Innate Perspectives (this idea of a column under this name is still a goal of mine. But you can see that I’m using a different format, again. I kept changing the engines beneath the website, because I was very fickle about how long I thought something was cool.

Somewhere, along the way, my site went down, for some reason. This is what it looked like on July 30th, 2003:

Picture 6.png

Anyway, I got my act together and recreated the entire website, again, with this design:

Picture 7.png

I broke up the website into different sections, because I was doing several things at once. Music, writing, geek stuff. So the site continued to evolve…

On October 14, 2003, I was having database problems:

Picture 8.png

June 22nd of 2004, I lost my domain due to my misunderstanding of when it expired. It was then put up for auction (see below)

Picture 9.png

Once purchased, the site became this:

Picture 2.png

…and soon, this freaky, weird, animated talking guy (non-animated in the below pic) (Jan 2nd, 2005)

Picture 3.png

Currently, the site is reduced to this drivel:

Picture 4.png

What is the point of all of this? Well in only a short amount of time, this domain expires once again, and I just might have a chance at getting it. We’ll see…

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