A late night run (on National Running Day)

Tonight, midway through Conan, I got the itch to go for a little run. I put my running shorts, shoes, and shirt on, reset my Garmin, and spilled out into the quiet street that I live on. I had received a text from my sister, Alana, who reminded me that it’s National Running Day. Lynn also texted me and told me that he was going for a late night run. So I had some inspiring examples to get me out there.

I ran out toward the Provo Parkway running path, started to go down a non-lit street but spooked myself, ran through two church parking lots, and back onto 2770 West, where I live, and ended my run at 3 miles.

I had Martina McBride’s “Safe in the Arms of Love” stuck in my head (it’s been stuck in my head all day). That song could have been written by Jackson Browne, the way it moves. The cadence was good for my running, though, and kept me below a 10 minute mile.

When I got back, I realized that my 3 mile slow jog was a treat. I deserve those, every once in a while. I’m gonna take advantage of this weather and try to get more late night runs in, this summer.

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