Email to Broadweave tech support

Well, my Amino box is blinking blue after rebooting the box, twice. You must have pushed new code to the Amino, which has disabled…something. So now I’m stuck with channel two. That’s it. That’s all I get. It reminds me of last summer, when my Amino box went down during the Olympics. I’ve been on hold for 25 minutes, gone through six incredibly annoying excuses for musical compositions, and have been advised that I should hold, as the next available agent will handle my call. He or she hasn’t, and I suspect that if I had sufficient battery life, I could let this phone burn all night long and still never reach you guys. It’s lame, but it’s what I’ve come to expect (I’ve gone the rounds with you and Nuvont, etc., for a long time, now, trying to get decent customer support.) Please contact me, so that I can watch a few more days of TV, while setting up a new service and canceling with you.

Thwarted again,


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  1. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this email to Broadweave, but after not having heard back from them (no surprise), I’m posting it…mainly for the sake of documenting my issues with them.

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