Sharks rituals that I have

Today, I was reading on Fear the Fin a thread about different habits that Sharks fans have, during the games.  My FTF membership is new, so I can’t post these habits for another couple of days (when my membership becomes “official”.  So here you go:

  1. First and foremost, I wear a Sharks article of clothing (the more, the better).  Shirt, hat, flannels, whatever I can.
  2. On game day, before the game (or as soon as I can get to it), I put up my 3’x5′ Sharks flag in my office window, with the light inside, illuminating my allegiance.
  3. More flag rules:  If the Sharks win the game, the flag stays up and illuminated until I go to bed.  If they lose, the flag comes down at the end of the game, immediately.
  4. The game must be watched live or as close to possible.  I still believe that I have some effect on the game, if I watch it DVR’d, but only if there are no other options.
  5. I shut off Sports Center game alerts to my phone…just in case.

That’s pretty much it.  There have been times when the Sharks are losing and I realize that my flag is not in the office window.  I’ve run down, put it up, only to see the Sharks rebound.  So this is pretty crucial.

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