12 hours until my first triathlon

I’m only 12 hours away from the gun going off and panicking.  Some questions are coming up as the time draws nigh, but as I get the answers (even if that means learning in the middle of the race), I’ll post them.

  1. When do I put on the wetsuit?  Do I drive to the race in it, or do I put it on when I get there?
    Answer:  I put it on when I got there.  Worked just fine, had plenty of time.
  2. What do I do with my wetsuit when I hit T1?
    Answer:  We draped it over the transition bike racks (good to have your name in it)
  3. Why didn’t I buy a floor pump, when I first thought I should?  My front tire is slightly low and I’m not sure what to do about it…
    Answer:  Nothing I could do then.  Needed to have a bike pump.  Rode with a low-pressured tire.
  4. How in the heck do you affix the bike number?
    Answer:  Going with the Staple to the Top Tube Method method.  This actually worked great.
  5. How do you affix your helmet number when your helmet is not “sticker-friendly” in the front?  Answer:  Scissors and clear tape, my friend.
  6. Got this inhaler…is there a place to store it during the swim?
    Answer:  Did what I’d read others do.  I put it on the inside of my wetsuit leg, just above the ankle.  It worked well and I forgot about it during the swim (also, I was lucky to have brought it, because I used it in the middle of the swim).
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