Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

On Friday, March 11th, an earthquake that registered at 9.0 rocked the Pacific Ocean, northeast of Japan at about 2:46 PM (JST).  Already the death toll is at over 3,000 and more are surely to come.

The first two days of the tragedy, I only read about it.  Yesterday and today I finally saw video.  It’s truly amazing.  Some of the most incredible destruction has taken place.  People are looking for family members and friends, and water and food are in short supply.

The most remarkable thing, so far, has been the calm and understanding nature of the Japanese citizens as they learn from government officials, that water and food are scarce.  Compare this to how some of our citizens reacted to recent crisis…we can learn something from Japan.

Reagan (my daughter) was watching some of the video from Japan.  She asked me, when she learned that there were children in Japan that were having a hard time, “What are their names?”  I told her I didn’t know.  She replied, “We’ll have to ask them.”

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  1. Kaye says:

    Isn’t is just like a kid to bring the human-ness of the situation to our attention?

    I’ve been almost addicted to YouTube – you know, watching the power of the water move everything from its path and wipe out entire villages – from a rooftop or helicopter perspective. It wasn’t until yesterday when the video I was watching gave video AND audio of a group of kids – all under the age of 10, I’m guessing. They were all crying and screaming in their fear; all huddled around each other with thier parents trying to shield them from the reality of the situation.

    It wasn’t until that moment that I actually cried for the people in Japan.

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