Watching the girls sleep

Last night, while Wendy and I were watching television, I turned and asked her if she wanted to go with me into the girls’ bedrooms and watch them sleep.  She asked why, but I didn’t know.  Just sounded fun.

So we went into Lucy’s room and watched her cuddle next to her balled-up blanket (she reacted to the extra noise in the room).

Then we went into Roxie and Reagan’s room.  I re-tucked in Roxie, because her covers were all tangled up.  Then I bent down to make sure that Reagan was still breathing (a carry-over habit from when the girls were still in their infancy).

It was really nice.  We’re lucky to live in a country and in a home that is relatively safe from danger.  My kids sleep, knowing that they’ll be safe and that we’re close.  It’s pretty neat.

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