Big fans

Right now, Patrick and I are in a standoff.  We have been following the last Sacramento Kings game (vs the Filthy Lakers).

Just finished the game.  Sacramento Kings pushed LA into OT, then lost.  It was a good fight.  Amazing how many fans for LA were in the stands.

Honestly, I hold some disdain for LA (not all) fans.  I could write an entire post about fans who root for teams, simply because they win.  It holds no allure for me.

Now, a bright spot:  San Jose faces the LA Kings (irony), tomorrow night for round 1, game 1 in the playoffs.  We need to win this series.

Pat’s not happy.  I’m not happy.  I’m sure that Alana’s not happy.  Bad night.

Thanks for the good times, Kings.  Hope you can stay around.  We’ll see.

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