Hooligans and angry old men

Tonight, after walking out of the movie “Limitless”, I noticed some younger guy drop his trash out onto the parking lot (I mean, he dropped it right in front of about 10 people- blatant.)  It burned me up.  I got mad and stewed for a while.  Finally I told Wendy to “Wait here” and left her and Lynn (he was at the movies with Megan to watch “Source Code.”  The hooligans (what else are they called?) had walked back inside the theater.

I found the kids (who were probably more like 18-20ish or so) and put my hand on the shoulder of the big fat guy who’d dropped the trash while his back was turned to me (he was buying movie tickets) and when he turned around I (loudly) informed him that I’d thrown his trash away.

He sarcastically thanked me and at that point I had the attention of him and his friends.  I turned to walk away, but one of the kids called me “gay” (which generally doesn’t offend me- but I think I was sort of “looking for it”.  So I turned around and shouted “WHAT!?”  At that point, they all went inside the theater.

Realistically, I could have been killed.  There were more of them and that one kid could have sat on me.  But I felt better, knowing that I’d addressed a situation head-on, rather than let it burn me up, all night.  Wendy wasn’t as thrilled.

On another note, the movie was pretty good and I think that overall, the night was enjoyable.

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