Riding home with Reagan

Last night was Hollie’s 15th birthday party.  It was fun and I think that everyone had a good time.

But here’s the part of the night that was the best for me.  I drove Reagan home (which is always a treat for the girls- me, too) and listened to her talk about almost everything.  She expressed her happiness in being able to ride in the truck.  She asked me to play “You Are”, which is actually Paramore’s “The Only Exception.”  We both sang along to it.  She scratched my back (she was sitting directly behind me in the cab.)  I taught her a little about the lines in the road (she expressed concern that we were driving over them.)

It was a lot of fun for her, I’m sure.  But it was a blast for me to connect with Reagan and have a chat with her.  I have a great family.

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