Sharks win three, then lose three games in a row

I’m not so cynical to think that the Sharks’ year is over, that a loss in San Jose is inevitable.  Three losses in a row is hard to swallow, but by nature, I’m an optimist.

Game six in Detroit, however, was disheartening.  It felt like a loss was conceded.  Sharks play was sloppy.  Jimmy Howard was spectacular in net.  So was Niemi, by the way.  Unfortunately, Niemi had no one playing in front of him.  McClellan told the media that only one team skated last night.  It certainly appeared so.

I kept pounding on the couch that I sat on (which was not my own) and screaming in the house that I was in (that most certainly was not mine.)  We watched from my sister-in-law’s home in Alpine, Utah.  My wife’s family is from Detroit, so I was in Enemy Territory, so to speak.  But at the end of it all, I think that I took it well.  They never asked me to stop pounding on the couch and to stop screaming.  I appreciate that.

Tomorrow night, I have an ‘away’ game.  My family is going back up to Alpine to watch the game with the family.  Fortunately for the Sharks, it’s a home game in San Jose.  Game seven.

I have already made up my mind.  If the Sharks lose, I will be gracious.  I will not throw a temper or claim that my team was robbed because of this play or that call.  If the Sharks lose, they will have lost to the better team.

In that same vein, if the Sharks win, they will deserve it.  Aside from last night’s game, this series has been very close.  Even after the first 3 wins in a row, the Sharks knew that they could have won or lost any of those games.  Game seven feels like a reset.  It’s anyone’s game.  We need Clowe back.  Now.

Go, Sharks.

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