Bought a new Equinox 10.4 kayak

Here, pictured, is Lucy, my 2-year old, which shows that this kayak is large enough for a little girl and probably a few cookies, as well.

Thanks to my interest in open water swimming, which is in thanks to my interest in triathlon, which is in thanks to my interest in running, which is in thanks to my 70-year old dad, who is still running circles around his kids, I bought the Equinox 10.4 kayak from Costco in Lehi.

Here’s what I know, so far, about my kayak, which I lovingly refer to as “The Yacht”:

-It’s a punk to life into a vehicle for transport.  From the moment it came off of Costco’s kayak stack with a <THUD>, I knew this would be a heavy craft.  But I put it on the flatbed cart and, without breaking anything or anyone, carefully navigated to the Costco line with my loving wife, who knew what I needed for Father’s Day, and made my purchase.  I worked at Costco in Chico for 5 years and always show loyalty to them, when I can.  I know that if things go wrong with this kayak, they’ll show me loyalty right back.

-Last night, I launched this vessel into Utah Lake.  Besides myself, my wife was also in this thing when we went out.  It was awkward and very tippy, but I’m pretty sure that Equinox didn’t have our configuration in mind when they released this model into the wild.  Once out into the water a bit, I jumped out and swam while my wife learned to move alongside of me.  It was tricky at first, but she seemed to get the hang of it while I spotted for some buildings across the way.

-I only went a little ways, because my ribs have really been hurting (incidentally, they are feeling much better, today.)  So we didn’t spend a ton of time out in the lake.  But it was enough to know that this would be a fun way to spend some time, together.

-This thing was only built for one, so we’ll probably want to get another kayak or something so we can all go out.  I think it’s big enough that I can tote a kid around, but we’ll probably want an inflatable kayak to fill in for the rest of the family.  I envision our family, as we get older, making longer and longer trips across Utah Lake, until finally we end up in Eagle Mountain.  Or perhaps we’ll stay marina.  We’ll see what the family can handle.

-I love the storage spaces on this kayak.  There is storage on the sides of the seat, in two dry-bag-ish storage place on the top-front and top-back of the kayak, as well as straps on top to affix various items, as well.  A thermometer will be a must.

-This kayak is quite comfortable.  Granted, I’ve only done very little paddling in it, but it really does seem like a doable craft for what I need.  I even thought about filling the back storage space with ice and just making a day of paddling and fishing.

-One other thing I’m excited for:  To actually volunteer at a race and help fellow triathletes.  I hope that this thing brings years of enjoyment for me, personally, as well as our family.

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