Lifeproof vs 11’9″ drop


20110828-100224.jpgLess than 20 minutes ago, I was shooting lightning on my deck with the app MagicShutter (impressive app, so far, btw.)

Having precariously balanced the phone on a thin 2×4 piece of railing, my heart stopped when I heard the clatter of iPhone and Lifeproof hitting the cement, 11’9″ below.

I sat there for about 20 seconds, trying to will the phone back in time so that I could save it from my future stupidity.

Finally, snapping back to the present, I trudged down the steps to accept the consequences.

I picked up the corpse, which was face down in a heap.  Light cracked out from the first possible angle and a little hope entered my shattered heart.

I hit the home button and everything worked as advertised.  Pure relief.  Now to inspect the extent of the damage.

Case:  The corner took a blow.  In fact, the impact appeared to have bowed out the case.  I was a little saddened, because I wasn’t too excited to pay 30-40 bucks for a new piece of my case.  But snap, and it went back in place.

I then went inside and took the case apart (it would need to be water-tested, again, anyway.)  The phone (slim as ever) popped out and in flawless condition.  Unbelievable.

The case is now testing and has 40 minutes left.  If the fall had damaged the case and saved my phone, it would still be worth the 70 bucks that I paid.  These are expensive phones.  My gut tells me that the case is still uncompromised.  I’ll update this post in 40 minutes.

–Update:  It’s 11:13 PM and the water test is complete.  The case is still solid.  No leaks.  Just one big scuff to remind me that I need to be more careful with my phone…

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