“Fixing” Dad’s computer

It’s hosed.  Spyware, etc.

11:00 AM:  I’m booting into Safe Mode to see if I can stop some stuff from starting up when we boot up, again.  This is going to need a serious cleaner (but more likely a format and restore.)

My Windows skills aren’t great, since I’ve been using a Mac for about 5 years, now.

11:15 AM:  Found something called MalwareBytes’ and installed it.  Started it and let it update.  When I started a scan, it crapped out and died.  Not a good sign.

11:20 AM:  Back into Safe Mode, uninstalled MWB and reinstalled, started a scan.  So far, so good.  Definitely need to stay in SM until things start to defog.

11:58 AM:  111 files found infected.  Ran the quarentine.  Restarting back into Normal Mode.


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