The Bloody Toe’s 1000th post

Woo and hoo.

Well, we (I) did it.  Between childhood journals, mission, marriage, children, and breaking and fixing a bunch of things (including marriage and children), I have eeked out 1000 posts on this blog.  It wasn’t easy.

There probably would have been many more posts, were it not for the catastrophic loss of self-hosted blogs, pictures, etc.  I have broken and fixed this site hundreds of times.

In fact, for the last two days my blog has been down.  VMWare unmercifully warned me that my coat-riding days were up.  I would no longer be allowed to use their awesome product for free (there are some ways around this, but that’s another post.)  So I switched to Xen XCP.  I have 30 days to buy this product as well, but from what I read, this is a fluke and can be fixed with something that’s out on Xen’s site.  So we’ll see about that…

But in the meantime, within the last hour, I finally got things running over here in Xen-world.  It seems ok, so far.  Just the usual issues with managing VM’s from a non-Windows box (we’ll see about that.)

Anyway, here’s to another 1000 posts.  I wonder what this page will be served by at that time.

FYI:  We’re still rocking FreeBSD in this home.  8.2.  CentOS keeps calling, but I haven’t answered, yet…


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