Dad runs his 10th 9th Saint George Marathon

Photo Album from 2011 Saint George Marathon

It took consulting with the SGM Expo to finally figure out how many SGM marathons he’d run. If Saturday were his 10th, then he’d be eligible for the 10 year dinner and guaranteed entry into the marathon. But alas, it was only his 9th, so no dinner and no jacket (I don’t think he really cared that much about either, but a guaranteed entry is nice.)

I dropped Dad off at the Saint George Temple, near the busses and he was off on the adventure alone, this time. Usually I run this marathon with him, but due to a sudden triathlon cancelation, I was left without a fall race.

So I went back to the Saint George house and fell asleep. It’s the only time I can remember sleeping through the beginning of the marathon. Guilt was overtaken by heavy eyes.

We all woke up and had some breakfast and I headed out the door and walked up to the 23.2 mark of the course and waited for Dad. Scotty Gillingwater ran by me as I waited. I called out to him, asking him how he felt. He responded, “Not so good.” and continued on.

When Dad finally showed up, he actually looked pretty good. I know from talking to him later on, that he wasn’t feeling too hot, but he really looked strong. So I ran with him, shooting some pictures and video and trying to support my Dad has he finished up his 11th marathon (would have been 12, but Nashville had to cancel its race, eventually, because the weather became a little dangerous.)

So my dad, who is 70, has completed 11 marathons. I know that when I’m 70, there will be a brutal benchmark to deal with.

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