Fixing the stop and waste valve in my front yard

I have a big water leak in my front yard’s stop and waste valve (I think.)  It’s been leaking for days (more than likely weeks), but I’ve been unsure of how to tackle the problem.  If I turn the water on so that the sprinklers have access to water, then the leak stops.  If I shut the water off by turning the key 1/4 turn, I can hear the water flowing in the pipes and eventually water comes up through the hole where the key is placed.  It flows fast and is going to be a real problem if I don’t get it fixed.

Called Eric Merrel and explained the water leak in my yard.  He knows a lot of little tricks for this kind of thing (he helped me with my blower motor on my air conditioner this past summer.  He recommends that I’ll need to dig about four feet down to get to the valve (I’ll need to be able to get into the hole to work on this.  He thinks I’ll need a shop vac to get the water out so that I can work.

Once in there, I’m cutting and fixing.  Several websites suggest that it’ll take about 60-90 minutes to get down to where I can work on it.  By that time, tonight, it’ll be freezing and I’ll probably quit.  But tomorrow’s weather looks better, so I might be able to continue from there.

Brandon Biorge is in the neighborhood and can help with this fix (Eric says he’s a good guy to hire for this type of thing.)

First calling Provo City to see what I can do:

Suzanne This is my problem.  Conferences me in with water:

Jen: 801- Balked at me shutting the water off but won’t tell me that they can turn it on at any time.

Close to street arrow to house on

Arrow away from house off


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