4 mile run while sick

So for a few years, I’ve found it discouraging that I get sick several times a year.  It really messes up my training.  I’ve always had a policy of resting on days that I’m sick, but unfortunately, I can be sick for weeks (asthma and allergies.)  This year, I’m trying a small experiment to see if I can pull out of sickness without putting my training on hold.

A couple of days ago, we celebrated my birthday at my sister’s house (we watched the Lions lose to the Saints- sad.)  But as we sat there, watching the game, I knew that I was starting to feel the effects of dog dander.  I’ve gotten to the point where I can walk into someone’s home and tell immediately if there has been a dog inside.  But I stuck this out, because the dog had been relegated to the laundry room and I was staying far from it.  But it turned out that that wasn’t enough.

So here we are on Monday and I’ve been sick for a couple of days.  But this time, I’m pushing through exercising with it.  I want to see if I can stay on track, even while my allergies and asthma are at my body’s doorstep.

So last night, I laid out all of my running stuff, because I’ve learned that if I have anyone hesitation about running (tired, sick, whatever), then I’ll likely stay in if I’m not prepared.  Having my running stuff ready to go is just one less excuse for staying in.  So I woke up at the ungoshly hour of 7 (I know, I know) and considered the fact that I didn’t feel great.  But I also knew that if I wanted to go, it would be easy, because all I’d have to do is walk downstairs to my office, don a few items and walk out.

So I started my run, running toward a full moon with the sun starting to rise on the east (for a change.)  It was beautiful and honestly, while I was running, I didn’t really consider that I was sick, except that I was spitting as much mucous out as possible.  Even though I wore gloves, my fingertips were pretty cold when I got back to the house.

Finished my four mile run in just over 37 minutes.  I took the time to shoot a pic of the moon and also to take my shoes off at mile 3.6, which brings us to…

…how it felt to run barefoot, today.  So today, when I took my shoes off, some of the pressure that I’d experienced on my run disappeared, again.  However, my calves and shins were still a little sore from my Saturday barefoot experimenting, so when I got home, I knew that it was time to cut down on the barefoot thing for a few days.  I’ll try it again, later this week, or even next week.  Gotta ease into it, I can tell.  But still the results are undeniable.  My knees take much less of a beating, shoeless.

So tomorrow I’ll probably bike and take it easy.

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