Moving up the Provo River Trail, barefoot, with snow. Fun.

Today was not as fun as yesterday, running-wise. I probably should have taken a day off from yesterday’s run, because my shins were not completely ready. They were tired and a little sore. Almost positive tomorrow will be a bike trainer day.

But either way, for my lunch break I ran about 2.5 miles shod and the rest of my 3.2 mile run BF. I shook things up by running on the Provo River Trail section that runs by Macy’s and North.

I had determined to run the last 1/2 mile barefoot, but knew that I probably shouldn’t. I don’t think that I injured myself, but I’m probably close enough that I need some rest. So I’ll go to bike and maybe even find a pool for a swim (I’m not as strong as my swimming aquaintences from Utah Open Water, who regularly swim in icy lakes) until I’m stronger (hopefully Thursday?)

Anyway, the run was redeemed from it’s depressing sluggish pace when I decided to do the last .2 miles in the snow until I got to my truck. It was fun. Really. Yes, it was cold, but in some twisted way, I quite enjoyed it.

There are some naysayers in terms of my BF and (now) snow running. But I’ve discovered that if I don’t keep things fresh and interesting, I’ll likely slow or stop in my training. That’s sort of my excuse. Plus, how many times have I turned down a run with someone because I don’t have my shoes with me? If I could get to the point that shoes were optional, I’d only have more opportunities for training.

As an afterthought, a day or so of rest won’t be a bad thing for me feet (I’m Irish, now?) my feet. While they’re holding up well (tremendously, I think), I don’t want to just tear them up. I need a little bit of a callous to build up.


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