Born to run- Christopher McDougall

This is the book that propels fools to start running barefoot.  I am no different of a reader.

“Born to Run” takes us to a remote area in Mexico, where a group of people, the Tarahumara, who are untouched by modern things have learned to run the way that God intended them to.  They run for fun and for culture.

Our world has become accustomed to traveling by car, eating fast food.  If we run, it’s not for fun, but because we are staving off death by a few more years.

The Tarahumara run for pleasure and they run without the modern shoes that we wear in 1st world countries- that are probably killing our instinctive stride.  When running in shoes, we do our arches a disservice and unwittingly cause the break down of important muscles in our feet.

By running unshod, the Tarahumara have a perfect stride and experience virtually no running injuries (which, if you are a runner in the US, you know how common those can be in the running community.)  The author stops just short of telling us to run barefoot.  But by the end of the book, you can’t help but wonder…

As I have.  Since picking up this book a few days ago, I’ve embarked on a couple of runs that incorporated a little barefoot running.

Who knows, maybe God was on to something before Nike debuted it’s first running shoe in the 70’s…

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