My barefoot foot, at mile 5

20120124-093031.jpgIf I took the time to map out my foot with captions and arrows, I’d point out that my toes are getting tougher, my forefoot is getting tougher and my heel is probably the most thick part of my feet after 4 sessions of barefoot running.

Now, I really have only put in about 5 miles of BF running, so far, but the results are sort of comforting.  Yesterday, when I finished my three mile run with a 1/2 mile of BF, I noticed that the road was starting to not hurt so much.

I’m trying to build up slowly, only running BF for the last 1/2 mile of only a couple of runs a week.  So one mile a week of BF.  I’ll probably up it a bit to 3/4 mile one of these days.  Just trying to start slow.

I forgot to mention something, yesterday.  I remarked that I tried to run forefoot in my Asics Kayanos, but failed to add that it’s hard to run forefoot when you have a one inch or more drop in the heel.  So I may end up in a lower dropped heel before too long, here.

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