Limit Switch on my Trane XE-80

11:40 PM:  Discover cold air blowing through the vents.  Wow.  It’s just one thing after another with these AC/Heating units, isn’t it?

2:06 AM:  So far, I’m batting 3 for 3 in fixes with this thing, because tonight, I managed to get it kicking out heat.  Had to grab the code from the blinkie blinkie thing, look up the error (it’s a code 4, Roger- no, really, it’s a Code 4.)  Code 4 means the open high temperature limit device is bad (usually.)  So after searching around a bit, I located it and took the two wires off and connected them together with some fusable link wire. It’s a little sketchy (read: potential fire), so I have to sort of monitor it while the house is heating.  Once the house heats up a bit, I’ll shut ‘er down.

Tomorrow I’ll have to buy a l190f-30 Limit Switch.  But from where?

8 AM, (the next day):  Woke up and kicked the heat on, but no dice.  Dang, it was just working when I went to bed 4 hours ago!  So I go to inspect and there is no apparent reason that it won’t start.  It’s still jumpered, sans limit switch.  When I power it on, the burner(?) glows and the gas starts, but only two valves work, then the whole things shuts down, again.

So I take a cloth rag and start to clean down anything that might be blocking the gas from its intended path.  Start it up, it works!

11:30 PM:  Work has been busy, so the house has been heating and I’ve been watching to make sure nothing crazy happens, since we’re working without a net (limit switch.)  I make a few calls, but either that part has to be ordered or I have to travel to SLC.  One guy, however, tells me to tap on the limit switch, gently, with a hammer or something.  I choose the back end of vice grips, but still nothing works.

A friend, who is also a neighbor offers to help me and buy the part, but he’ll need to see the part.  So I take the limit switch out and figure, what the heck- I’ll clean this thing up a bit.  But only a bit- I have no idea how sensitive these things are, but once it’s as clean as I dare, I put it back it, start it up…

…we have liftoff.  Everything’s working.  Probably time to buy a new filter, though.

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