My first run on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

This has been the year of appreciating what I have around me, here in Utah.  I spent a good portion of my time in Utah, wishing that I’d been living in California.  And then a few years, ago, I discovered that I was sitting on a goldmine.

In Utah, I can train at elevation- every time I go out of my front door.  I can run two miles down the road and jump into the Utah Lake for a long swim.  I can run or drive two miles east and run on trails…which leads me to my next thought…

Last night I finally made the decision to go and find the illusive Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  I used Google Maps and created a little map to show me how to get there.  Surprisingly, there is an entrance to this just-over 100-mile length of trail.  Just a quick intro:  This is a partly natural trail, in that the formation of it was created by the ancient lake’s bench.  Apparently, water used to cover this entire valley, back when cavemen were complaining about the commute by pterodactyl to Salt Lake City (over I-15 construction, of course.)
20120121-104333.jpg Anyway, I started on this trail, this morning at about 9:15 AM.  I knew immediately, that this was going to be a challenge.  I really don’t run hills around here.  But I could tell that this trail was going to go up and down, the whole way.

It rained pretty much the entire run, so things were slippery and muddy.  This wasn’t a good time to practice my barefoot running, so I laced my Asics up nice and tight, double-knotted, and persevered through an almost-twisted ankle, slight knee pain as hills would send me sprinting and then hiking, sprinting, hiking, etc.




I’ll definitely be running this trail from time to time.  It’s challenging and will work me into shape for races that have been beating me up (I’m looking at you, Saint George.)


If you look closely, you can see this trail sort of heading off to the upper-right in this frame.  This was the beginning of my trail and, if I’d continued on, would have sent me down into Springville.

In short, anyone who lives in the great city of Provo (yeah- I said it) is only months shy of being a very fit and healthy human being.  There is so much around us and all we have to do is access it.  For free.  No need for a Gold’s gym; just a healthy desire to get outside and use the land God gave us.

So now I’m thinking that this might be a trail year.  I might need trail shoes.  Or trail feet.

The geeky information on this run can be found here.  (elevation, distance, etc.)

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  1. Kaye says:

    Dude – I can’t believe you just said that. Why don’t you just see if you can get hired on as Herman Cain’s press secretary four years from now? If you think you can spin something like “great city of Provo,” you might be able to get him elected.

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