Valentine’s Day run on the Horsetail Falls Trail


By the way, this part was done on a section of trail, called the Horsetail Falls Trail.


Yesterday, I got a late start to my run (I worked from home yesterday and ended up sort of making sure Lucy was ok while she napped while Wendy took the girls to school and ran some errands.)

So I drove and weaved my way toward the mountain in Alpine (but ultimately a little south) and ended up at a Dry Creek trail marker. At first, I got confused and thought I was at the Grove creek trailhead that

I had found on Saturday, but once I startedĀ hiking, I figured it out quickly.

There was only steep ups and downs on this trail and it was very muddy and icy. It was hard to keep my feet from slipping all over the place. Once I hiked up to where the trail became runnable, I started off at a less than comfortable pace. The trail was still going up at a pretty steep incline, so it was slow going.


This where things get a littleĀ embarrassing. I got scared. I “heard” noises. I thought of bears. I immediately turned to head back down the trail and only felt safe once I reached my truck. Wow. So this is the extent of my trail-running bravado.


I could barely take this picture from this place (it was super steep), so you're lucky just to get this much. It says "Lone Peak Wilderness, Uinta National Forest


I almost filled out the log, except that there was no pen or pencil. My body would just have to be discovered.


I ran on a lot of this stuff for about a mile. It's getting easier on my feet.


Here is where I found my shoes after my run, having driven off without them. I'm so hardcore, I don't even know when I don't have shoes on.


There was so many deer out, last night, that I just shot this pic. No other reason related to the run. Just 'cause.


This was our Valentine's Day dinner that Wendy made. It was delicious after a short, hard run.

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