Long(ish) run on the BST with Patrick Phillips, courtesy of Orson Smith Trail in Draper


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...


Prehistoric evidence that my ancestors preferred dirty feet.



Patrick says, "Run that way", so I run that way.

This morning, Patrick and I met and drove over to the Orson Smith Trail in Draper, which will take you, after a little hike, up to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. We opted to head north on the trail and man, it was a ride. Quite a bit of up and down, a lot of mud, snow and ice.

Everything went pretty well on this run and I was surprised that a lot of the problems that I experienced this week with my arches and feet (sort of connected, aren’t they?)

For the last two miles, I slipped the shoes and socks off. Patrick had talked about heading down to the main road to finish off (he’d already run 6 miles.) I was about to pawn off my shoes and socks on him, but he decided to finish with me.

So, shoes in hand(s), I started off. I ran over mud (pictured), snow and ice with my only somewhat-seasoned feet. It was a bit of a trick and by the first mile of my unshod adventure, I was starting to feel it. But I didn’t let on.

Patrick, while a great friend and passive supporter of my barefoot experimenting, is not the guy that you want to witness your pain. It’s not that he revels in your misery- it’s just that he sort of likes it.

It was surprising how hard on my feet the rocks and dirt were (to the person who just scoffed at such obvious drivel- shut up.) I kept looking for snow to cool them off and provide a little cushion. It worked. I searched out the most navigable terrain and made my way down over two miles on some pretty hard surfaces.

We made it to the car and I washed my feet in the bathroom sink at the trailhead. (Is that ok? I mean, I even cleaned the sink and dried it when I was done.

Anyway, this was one of my more enjoyable runs. It was about 2 miles short of my goal for the day, but I got an extra three in tonight, so 9 total. So far, so good…


Then he's like, "No, run this way", so...



Me, wishing I had one of those needlessly big homes that backed up to this trail...










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