Easy, four-mile run (killed me)


Callus is coming along nicely, feels good.

Decided, this morning, to go for a 4 mile run and see how things went. I took last week off, because I felt that the top of my right foot was hurting from a barefoot run gone bad.Originally, when I ran that 3 miler in Houston, it felt so good, that I ran way too far, too fast. I never should have broke 1 mile. But regardless, I’m pretty sure that going too far was one of the things that did me in. Although, I don’t really remember hurting after that run.

But today, I went out, feeling a little stifled from not running for a week and layed down an 8 minute first mile. I then walked for 30 seconds and hit my second mile at 8:30 (another 8 minute mile if you subtract the walking). At the end of two miles, my lungs were really burning. This doesn’t happen often and I’m not sure why it did, today. Taking one week off shouldn’t have left me in horrible shape. At the same time, it was probably 22 degrees, so maybe it was the cold+the inversion+one week off from running.


On the other foot (ha!), a little pain in my left ankle- but not as much as before...

The third mile, I took it easy and ran about a 9 minute mile. The last mile, I walked to the corner of Lakeside Drive and 620 North and then took off my shoes. I walked until I was about 3/4 a mile from home, took off my shoes and trotted a 10:30 mpm home. My total time for 4.18 miles was 42:33. Pretty slow, overall. But I worked pretty hard at it and did do some bf.



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