Lakeside run with an interesting trail in the State Park (3.1 miles)


A little panorama of the Provo River trail (click for a larger view)


This morning, I went to bed at 6 AM. I’m working some interesting shifts for OC Tanner and so I get a lot of interesting workout times. I’ve been running early morning, or late at night. But today, I woke up at 9:30 AM, but I got <sarcasm>plenty


of sleep</sarcasm>, really, and decided I needed a jump-start to my day. Running fills that role for me. So I drove down to the lake where I’d walked yesterday, so that I could see just how far that path went. The answer is .94 miles. One mile if you’re a cheat (you know who you are.) This might turn out to be one of my favorite stretches, which is incredibly close to home.

Park on North Boat Harbor Drive, not quite to the west end of the road. There is a pathway on your right where you can start your walk/run

It’s a 4-5 minute drive from my neighborhood and you can just park on the side of the road (pictured in this post.) From there, you can run north on the Provo River Parkway for a mile.

It took me a long time to run this, because I kept snapping off pictures. The water from Utah Lake comes right up to the path (it probably floods at times in the year) and you get to just run alongside it. It’s pretty neat. If you squint your eyes just right, you’re at the ocean.

Anyway, my right achilles is a little sore (has been for a while), so I might take tomorrow off, or bike or something. We shall see.


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