My first run to the Provo Airport (spoiler alert: this is sort of like every other run, but in a southern direction)

Today I ran a new route.  Since we moved to Provo, I’ve been running mostly east, east, east.  I’ve run north as well, but again, more northeast.

I have also run West along the Provo River Trail (but also east and then north on the same trail.)

Today, when I hit Center Street, I continued to run south. These were mainly quiet roads, populated only by an occasional car and a biker (who didn’t wave- why don’t bikers wave?  I bike.  I wave.  They should, too.)

I was also startled to run right by a skunk, who was calmly walking across the road with me.  I didn’t panic and he/she didn’t spray me.  Sort of an early morning truce between man and Mephitidae.  Earlier, I had smelled the odor of a skunk, but, for some reason, the air was nice and clean around this little guy.  Whatever.  I was glad to have not startled it.

At 2 miles, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was running straight for the Provo Airport.  I’d always wondered where the airport was located (although, not enough to look closely at a map or go looking for it.)  So I ran down the one lane driveway (this is a small airport) and up to the gate, which had a small (very) plane on the other side.  My watch reported 2.5, so I headed back.

At mile 4, I noticed some IT band pressure in my right knee (nothing new) and focused again on my stride (going for a forefoot to mid strike, here.)  At 4.5 I pulled the shoes off and noticed a bunch of kids waiting for the bus to take them to school.  I put on my little barefoot show and ran by.  But after a short amount of time (a minute?) my left arch started to hurt.  So I downshifted to a walk and finished off the distance.

—EDIT on 10 Feb, 2012 at 2:16 PM.

So I was talking to my dad about this, this morning on the phone.  Apparently, he’s already covered this route and then some.  He went all the way around the airport, so I was out distanced by a man who doesn’t even live here.  Dang.  Schooled by Dad, again.

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