My run from Grove Creek Trailhead on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail


This was a six mile, hard run.  This particular part of the BST had some pretty steep inclines and it was a pretty rocky trail.  But either way, I got my six miles in, which puts me on track (barely) for the marathon in May.

You can see the pictures of my feet in the water.  A couple of things might be drawn from them.  First off, it’s easy to assume that I did a little barefoot running.  Also, you might gather that I gave my feet a good soak after my


run.  Both of those guess are wrong.  I only took my shoes off at the very end of my run.  Further, once I did put my feet in, I realized that the water was unbearably cold.  So I retreated to the truck, with a couple of pictures that made me look tougher than I really am.



Sort of pretty.


So steep; oh, so steep.


This lasted just long enough to catch a picture.


The snow is supposed to emphasize the coldness of snow run-off.

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