An early morning run on black ice


I've learned to look for the "sheen" on the roads or paths.


The Provo River is freezing cold in the Winter. It's not much warmer in the summer, since snow run-off from the mountains continues throughout most of the year.


I'm not a huge fan of running on asphalt trails, but the Provo River Trail is stunning the day after a little snow.



This is a pier that I thought looked kinda cool with some snow on it. Everything looks nicer with snow.


I wonder how many times I've been here, since we moved to west Provo, six years ago...


A horse, trying to get a better look at...I don't know what..

It’s mornings like this that I know are going to be slow. There was a thin (very thin) sheen of black ice on about 70% of the asphalt that I ran on.  When running on black ice, you have to lift your knees slightly higher, take much shorter steps, and land as squarely as possible, or the potential of a fall is very real.

One of the less noticed benefits to running early in the morning on a cold, winter day, is that you have a preview to road conditions.  If you’re slipping on asphalt, you know that road conditions are likely similar.

Anyway, I made it down to the lake and took in the view along the way.  It was pretty cold (about 25 degrees), but I was layered up and pretty comfortable.

It’s amazing to me, some of the beauty that I find at an early hour, when out on a run.  I find great happiness in being the first one to create the footprints in the snow on a path.  It’s like winning- but without all of the money and glory…

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