Leaking issue with my Lifeproof case


Just jumped off of the phone with Lifeproof. Posting photos so they can see charge port door and foam insert.

I’m not sure which way the foam goes back in.  In my mind, the oval depression would line up with the oval port opening of the case, but the lip that goes under the hinge is now forced under.

And that, then, leads to the answer, I think.  I believe that this works when the seal is placed OVER the hinge- not under.

Sorry for the trouble, Cassie (Lifeproof Rep).  I’ll test this, again, with the seal resting on the hinge.

20120405-101018.jpgFor those who are interested (me), the reason this whole question came about, was because I was trying to thouroughly dry the case.  So I shook the case to get the thin, yellow gasket that lines the perimiter of the case out.  It came out, but so did the port seal.  20120405-101033.jpgJust didn’t know how it went back in.



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  1. Dusty says:

    Hi Nathan,

    The yellow silicon piece for the charge port door is meant to be removed so that you can clean it with mild soap and water so at least you don’t have to be alarmed:)

    Your last picture is the correct placement. There is an oval indent on one side of the silicon piece and that side goes down (so you cant see it when placed correctly).

    The side with the larger square corners face down when your charge port door is open so that it is further away from the home button.

    Hope this helps for others who may see this post as well:)


    Dusty (Social Media Community Manager for LifeProof)

    • Amy says:

      Do you think people could just purchase the yellow silicone piece. Like i had said, I got my case off of ebay and it did not come with the yellow silicone pieces.

      • Nathan Nelson says:

        You know, that’s a good question. I think it would depend on a few things. First off, you’re going to need to make sure that you know what version of LifeProof case you have. There have been a couple of different iterations of the device. One has a built in black gasket. The newer one came with a detachable, yellow gasket. Which one do you have? Also, send some pics of your case to me, if you’d like. You can reach me at nathan@nelsonshack.com. I’d be happy to help guide you, although, LifeProof might be your best bet for solid troubleshooting. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Okay. So I got a life proof case off of eBay. (I know the warranty doesn’t apply anymore) But when I had got it there was no yellow things in my case. So I went about my business and my friend and I were going to take underwater photos. Well, it leaked. We never did know why. ( now I do) But it really messed up my phone and i had to get a whole new phone. My parents were not the happiest campers. Do you think if i were to somehow get my hands on one of those yellow things, that the case wont leak if it does go in water? Do you think Lifeproof would have any where you could get just the yellow thing?

  3. Luc says:

    I use the case now 7 month, never for swim but outside in the rain… I clean it very gentle with coton from a clean white t shirt. This is really the best way to have no crashes. I use the older type… This on with the black gasket… Not the yellow but as well those for the iPhone 4s. Since I use the case I open the case maybe 4 times but as well every day or 2 days for charging the phone. TODAY: I want to clean him completely.. I put it as I did the first time I use it in the water. Just 3 sec… But now was under the screen water… What can I say… Is that normal? I don’t know… I know that the case or phone never falls on the ground, he looks still as new… I guess to have no lucky… So that means never swim with and for now… It seem only good as little protection.. Little rain and stof. Maybe was my little older gen 2 a problem case and those with the yellow silicon the better solution. Right now … I donthere sure if the life proof is really the best solution… Luc

    • Nathan Nelson says:

      Hmmm…not sure, here. I am using a second generation Lifeproof case. Seems to work ok for me. Have you contacted Lifeproof about this?

      • Luc says:

        Dear Nathan, Hmmm… Not sure? You sound Lifeproof itself… Yes they refuse to handle my case… So 365 day’s warranty is fake. No problem… I make soon a video clip so that everybody know that Lifeproof case can have a problem as a water leak and that thy don’t respect the warranty policy. Note: i can fix the microphone hole leak of the case by using silicon tec 7. It is not the best solution but the only posibility to using the lifeproof in the rain on the bike. My iphone 5? Well because i don’t believe in lifeproof case anymore, my Iphone 4s was almost damaged, i think that using water defend cases are always a risk but i found for now other solution from Japan for the iphone 5. Note… I inform you when the video is posted!

        • Luc says:

          Nathan… Everybody need to know that Lifeproof accept my damaged case…. It was not easy to proof the waterleak….. so Lifeproof gives 365 day’s warranty when there is an fabrication or some other compare problem.. .

        • Luc says:

          Nathan… Everybody need to know that Lifeproof accept my damaged case…. It was not easy to proof the waterleak….. so Lifeproof gives 365 day’s warranty when there is an fabrication or some other compare problem.. .

          • Luc says:

            Test new case … NO WATERLEAK but I need to explain 1 issue: the touchscreen is not so sensitive as the previews one, I mean type and scroll from app to app or page. So people most have some lucky.. But it does for what it is constructed.


          • Nathan Nelson says:

            Glad to hear it’s working. I’m sure that this kind of product will only get better with time. 🙂

  4. kamaile says:

    OMG I accidentally pulled out the gasket last night while trying to open the charge port door and COULD NOT get it to stay back in…when I got it to stay it was like puffing out and every time I tried to open the door again the gasket would just pop/fall out again! The key is that the lip was forced under the hinge as I thought that is how it was held in place but like you said, it needs to sit on top of the hinge!! I feel ridiculous, but I’m so glad you posted this because it saved me from possibly losing the gasket and/or compromising the waterproofing of the case. Thank you!!

    • Nathan Nelson says:

      Man, every once in a while I hear back that a post of mine was worthwhile. Glad to hear this worked out for you! 🙂

  5. Jared Powers says:

    How do you put the lifeproof case on without it leaking ?

  6. ben says:

    I just bought a lifeproof for my iphone5c should the charging port be very loose when i open it to charge it?

  7. common sense says:

    I think the advice and comments the author of this post is making is very irresponsible. If one’s phone gets damaged by any means, water, dirt, shock- lifeproof will ONLY replace the case, never the phone. No matter the circumstance. Last, never immerse your phone in this case, it will leak. Lifeproof makes some wild allegations that it can go in the water, but that is rarely the case. Many expensive phones have been broken because of this. Buyer beware

    • Nathan Nelson says:

      1. Please list the advice and comments that I made that you feel were irresponsible. I’ll be happy to address them.
      2. Lifeproof is clear about what they will replace on their website (See:Limited Lifetime Warranty) http://www.lifeproof.com/en/policies-and-warranties/#LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY
      3. Two of my phones with the Lifeproof case have gone under water (while swimming, etc.), many times, without damaging them. Most others that I have spoken with, who own the Lifeproof agree with this assessment, including friends at work, family, etc.
      4. Would you please give an example of one of the expensive phones being broken, as you stated?

    • Luc Rik says:

      Water leak? I had this issue in 2012 and I get after lot of trouble assistance of an high level of Lifeproof. The support Lifeproof act last months more difficult than two year ago. Today is Lifeproof bigger than ever cause it is now otterbox I guesses. I do not follow this issue much cause I need work and other takes my attention that I have no time to talking and fighting for my rights in the wind. I guesses 4 months ago falls the iPhone to the ground and what you see on the picture is the result. I test the case and off course is there the leak. This time was the person of Lifeproof not to find, every mail was not answered. What I did, I order loctite and glue the plastic screen myself. It was an very difficult job, see it as an surgery. It is not complete water proof but it is rainproof. That is for me the most important issue. I had still not time to made an video of the issue and I do not know… It is to see if I find the power for. Anyway, Lifeproof is overall an nice case if you get an water proof case. I order every year 2 to 3 cases but for the future it will be something as Hitcase were is attached wide angle and for film and audio is there Bluetooth microphone used with MoviePro or if you as me not need to swim with it but just travel in any weather than I make on my own an waterproof adapter. So that’s it: the lesson is, friendly support for order the gadgets but when the problems come is it the same issue .. Nice words with: how can I help you, it will be an honor etc!
      After min also an plus for The lifeproof product.
      Lifeproof 4S has the best stable handlebar adapter ever, very little vibration. The 5S has an little more vibration because there are now rubbers inside the holder and is the Lifeproof not so secure attached as the 4S.
      I regret it,,yes but there is afther 4 year using Lifeproof also an other life. I will made myself handlebar adapters.. Lifeproof : I remember 2010, the small new company that big for to sell the Lifeproof. Lifeproof is become rich, it does not need more than or if necessary. The story here and everywhere to read are clear.

      Photo below of the damaged plastic.




      Luc Rik Vlaemynck

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