Dr Nathan removes an ingrown earring backing


Here's the back of her ear. It looks like there's no backing, right?

Tonight, Reagan started complaining that her ear was hurting her. Upon closer inspection, I found that her backing had slipped into her earlobe and become infected.

So I cleaned it. I worked at it and used q-tips and hot/warm water. Then we put on a horrible kids movie to distract her. As an earlobe surgeon, I found the movie to be dangerously raising my blood pressure, endangering the delicate procedure, as well as the patient.

I was finally able to push the backing back through Reagan’s sensitive earlobe and remove the earring.


Actually the backing had slipped inside her earlobe, which caused an infection, which caused pain, which caused Dr Nathan to work on the Sabbath.

Then I walked outside and put the bill for 230.00 in our mailbox. She’ll be working that off through the spring.20120527-183450.jpg

All better. Backing is out and she’s all Neosporin’d up.
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