Memorial Day around Utah Lake


We started the day at the Cracker Barrel, because Denny’s just didn’t seem to fit the Memorial Day occasion.

After breakfast/lunch, we started on our journey. Today, we’d be exploring Utah Lake and driving the entire circumference of this 3rd largest lake (West of the ‘ssippi, of course.)

20120528-122243.jpgDuring our drive, we’d encounter complaints that we had to go to the bathroom, that we were cold, that we were hot, that we were hungry, that we wanted to swim in a pool, that there are fathers out there, right now, doing really cool things for their families on Memorial Day, but instead we get stuck with this guy- The Sludge Explorer.


But also, there were signs that my family really enjoyed themselves. For instance, at the end of the day, when we were pulling our frozen corpses from the chilly, snow melted water of Western Utah Lake, my children threw their arms around me and thanked me for taking them on such a fine outing and would I please take them home? Yes, I would, family. Yes, I would.




It seems appropriate that, while we did have a lot of fun on Memorial Day, we did keep in mind its purpose and do appreciate the many sacrifices that have been made by men and women who have- and do defend- the United States.  Thank you to all who have served this country!

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